Buy Sell Disability Insurance

The success of your business relies on teamwork. You and your business partner(s) are a team, working hard every day to meet the demands of running a business.

A major part of the success of your business is attributable to that teamwork. You share a vision of how to run the business, where the business is going and how to get there.

Help prepare your partnership to meet the challenges of a disability.

A Buy-Sell agreement funded with a disability income insurance policy from MassMutual® can help demonstrate to investors, creditors, employees and customers that your business is prepared to meet the unexpected challenges a disability can create. And it can help safeguard your business by providing the funds necessary for an owner to purchase a disabled partner’s share of the business, up to the terms of the contract.

With a Buy-Sell Agreement, funds that enable the business to buy out the principal’s share of the business in the event of a total disability can come from several sources — the business, another buyer or insurance policies.

  • Funding the disability portion of the agreement with insurance helps transfer the risk from your business to MassMutual. It also helps avoid looking for funding at the worst time — when the business is functioning without a partner. The policy owner may be the business, a trust or each business owner may own a policy on the other business owners.
  • MassMutual has disability Buy-Sell policies with limits of up to $3.0 million so you can protect a large percentage of your business’s value. The coverage participates with other inforce disability income Buy-Sell coverage up to the $3.0 million limit, so you can supplement any existing Buy-Sell coverage with a MassMutual contract.

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